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Jean Christianidis, professor of history of mathematics at the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, partner member at the Centre Alexandre Koyré (Paris), and editor-in-chief of the Greek journal of the history and philosophy of science and technology Neusis, studies the history of Greek mathematics. Among his recent publications are “Practicing algebra in late antiquity: The problem-solving of Diophantus of Alexandria,” Historia Mathematica 40 (2013) (with J. Oaks), “A new analytical framework for the understanding of Diophantus’s ArithmeticaI-III,” Archive for History of Exact Sciences 66 (2012) (with A. Bernard), “Solving problems by algebra in late antiquity: New evidence from an unpublished fragment of Theon’s commentary on the Almagest,” Sciamvs 14 (2013) (with I. Skoura), “Situating the Debate on ‘Geometrical Algebra’ within the Framework of Premodern Algebra,” Science in Context 29 (2016) (with M. Sialaros), and “Diophantus and Premodern Algebra. New Light on an Old Image,” in M. Sialaros(ed.), Revolutions and Continuity in Greek Mathematics, Berlin/Boston, Walter de Gruyter, 2018, 35–65. He is also the editor of the collection Classics in the History of Greek Mathematics (Kluwer, 2004).